Introducing: AMS Analytics

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AMS Analytics is data warehouse and analytics tool kit that allows you to explore your DMS data and extract meaningful business intelligence. The information AMS Analytics generates can be used to better understand and improve business performance.

AMS Analytics is more than just a reporting tool, it transforms data and information into real business insights.

· 'As-of date' reporting. For example, see what your A/R was on December 31, 2016
· Drill-down into report details
· Exclude irregular data to preserve typical averages
· Dashboard & Diagnostics
· Business Intelligence & Predictive Modeling

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Business Reporting


· Complete suite of key weekly and monthly reports

· Manage inventory, collections, sales

· 20-Group reports

· Additional design and analysis available

Analytics Pro

Includes Business Reports PLUS:

· Interactive drill down reports to data

· Interactive visualization tools

· User-directed inquiry and analysis

· Additional design and analysis available

Business Intelligence

Includes Business Reports, Analytics Pro PLUS:

· Integrate all data streams into data environment

· Design, develop, & host data marts, analytics, reporting, and BI tools.

· Project priced to your specific data volume needs

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