With features designed to make your collection team effective and efficient, AMS has the strongest collection module in the market today.  Our collector queues keep your collectors focused and organized.  You can print collection letters set up a Promise-to-Pay schedule and assign custom tags to monitor accounts.

The collection notes includes Action-Result codes so you can monitor communication activity.  The collection center allows you to completely asses your customer behavior in a single space without having to jump around multiple modules.


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Key Collection Features

  • See account information on one screen
  • Tags and Flags to easily identify key metrics on the account (KPI)
  • Ability to make notes with customizable Action and Result codes (how did they contact you, did you contact them, what was the result of the call?)
  • Track each collectors performance with Daily Collection Activity Report
  • Built in or customizable Work Lists for dynamic Collection Queues
  • Track Insurance electronically
  • Track and generate Passtime codes and locate the vehicle with one button
  • Track CPI payments without the need for a side note or shadow loan
  • Repo and Title Management


  • Repo Agent management and assignments
  • Dealer and RFC Tracking
  • Side Note / Pick Up Payments
  • Collection efficiency with ACH / CC Integration
  • Track Multiple Investors / Portfolios
  • Easy Rewrites / Extending Payments options
  • Automatically generate device codes and locate vehicles with GPS integration
  • Set and track Promise to Pay information
  • Automatically generate form letters
  • Save time/cost with direct Texting / Email to customers