Auto Master Systems offers a complete inventory management system that helps your staff enter, search and manage your inventory.  Vehicles can be easily entered on the Inventory screen or imported in from a .csv file.  Reconditioning expenses, vehicle location and flags and guidebook integrations are just a few of the many features found in the AMS inventory module.


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Key Inventory Features

  • Vin Decoder
  • Every Field can be Hidden/Read Only/Full Access by employee
  • Drop Downs can be customized
  • Reconditioning, Policy, Warranty, and Labor work all segmented apart
  • Purchased From linked to Accounting Software
  • Buyer Tracking (See which Buyers are having performing loans)
  • Lease Asset Depreciation Tracking
  • Cost,Price, Suggested Down Payment stored and loaded into Sales Module
  • Type of vehicle customizable
  • Transfer from one location of sale to another with one easy button


  • NADA GuideBook Integreation
  • Customized Status (Sold, Recon, Available, Wholesale, etc.)
  •  Flags for physical location of vehicle
  •  BarCode printing
  •  VIN scan automatically enters vehicle into AMS
  • Print Buyer’s Guides and Window Stickers
  • Title Tracking
  • GPS Serial Number Tracking
  • Floorplan tracking and curtailment payments (2 total)
  • Reports – 15 reports standard with over 20 different filters available on each report