The AMS Service Module will manage all your service needs.  Track repairs, cost, labor, parts and outsourced work in a user-friendly interface.  Vehicles that have an open RO attached to it will be automatically flagged and visible from the collections module!

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Key Service Features

  • Work In Progress Screen allows you to easily see Current, Past Due, and Future Work Orders by location or by Dealer vs. Customer ROs
  • Keep all repair costs departmentalized by Parts, Labor, Warranty, Sublet
  • Tracks all taxes by appropriate departments
  • Easy data entry screen allowing of part and labor look-up tables


  • Print out Tech Sheets, Accounting Statements, Customer Statements, and Billing Statements customized per organization
  • Automatic Tagging of collection and sales modules when RO is created
  • Appointment Tracking and easily create RO based on appointments scheduled