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Who We Are

Led by Steve Levine and Richard Hudson, Ignite Consulting Partners is composed of auto finance industry veterans with vast experience in creating and implementing efficient solutions to compliance and operational challenges faced by car dealers, auto finance companies, lenders, and other industry participants.

What We Do

Simply put, we protect our clients from the significant legal and compliance risks they face.  Proactively, we provide training, review transaction documents, develop policies, process and compliance structure, and implement strategies to lower risk.  In times of danger, we assist our clients through governmental investigations, litigation support, and other challenges to their businesses. Our methodologies are battle tested and come from years of experience.  We’re the ones you want in your corner!

Training Unleashed

Training Unleashed offers practical training on the functional areas that pose the biggest risk, all directed to train your team how to identify and minimize that risk. Ignite is your go-to source for comprehensive compliance training.

Our program covers topics from advertising and credit reporting to bankruptcy, and our training equips your team to navigate today’s complex business environment with confidence.  Even better, our training supports the work that we already do with our clients, so in challenging times they know to Keep Calm & Call Ignite.

Invest in your team’s success with Training Unleashed.

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