AMS Mobile App

The Power of AMS On Your Phone

Introducing our AMS Mobile App: Your go-to solution for streamlined vehicle inventory management and loan lookups on your phone!

Our mobile app is here to revolutionize the way you handle critical aspects of your operation. It comes with a comprehensive toolset for effortless inventory tracking and loan information retrieval.

Dashboard Technology

Empower your entire team with data insights by using real-time dashboards. Our default dashboard displays inventory and delinquency metrics. You can also customize the dashboard to include the key indicators important to your business.

Inventory Management

The inventory management has many features to manage, control, and track inventory at any time and from anywhere:

  • Add new inventory
  • Search and filter inventory
  • Identify inventory using a barcode scanner
  • Add vehicle photos
  • Add vehicle notes

Loan Information

Look up loans for real-time balance, payment and customer information. You can also upload docs, set loan tags, and add notes!

See the AMS Mobile App in Action

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