AMS Analytics

On Demand Performance Insights

Whether you’re a dealership or a finance company, AMS Analytics is designed to give instant access to all your information.

AMS Analytics provides you with the industry’s best reporting, data and analysis to inform and help improve your company’s operations and performance. Access AMS Analytics anywhere and anytime with an internet connection! Whether you’re a dealership or financial institution, AMS Analytics is designed to give instant access to all your information.

  • Access Anywhere, Anytime!
  • Data Warehousing
  • Compare Results
  • Results Overview
  • Dashboard Technology
  • Explore, Diagnose & Correct

Anywhere, Any Time!

Cloud Technology to transform lines of data into interactive visualizations.

Unlock Your History

150+ pre-built best practice analytics covering all aspects of your business

20 Group Reporting

Part of a 20 Group like NIADA and NCM? AMS Analytics is for you!

Join other companies who are taking advantage of AMS Analytics!

Subscription-Based Pricing

Why wait until month-end to run your business?

AMS Analytics is the first of its kind in the auto finance industry. It allows smaller operations to gain advanced analytics that, in the past, only larger companies could afford to sustain. AMS Analytics gives the power of data to everyone at a fraction of the price of building your own solution!

AMS Modules

Operator's Toolkit

Designed to help you spot trends or problems early, the Operator’s Toolkit gives you access to information quickly.

Business Reporting

Provides premium reports and dashboards all designed so you can easily monitor and improve your entire operation.

Analytics Pro

Offers owners, investors and Executives a comprehensive quite of Risk Management tools.

Enterprise Solutions

We can design, build and implement a custom integrated data environment .